Getting our 'Glow' on...

Getting our 'Glow' on...

We recently met with food and fitness guru, Abbey Saunders, to find out more about her health and wellness business and how she finds wearing our Copenhagen orthotic slippers throughout the day while working from home.

1. Can you tell me a little bit more about what you do?

I work from home running my business ‘Girl Got Glow’ which is all about helping women live sustainable healthy lifestyles. I provide various food and fitness plans which can be tailored to the individual, but there is no counting calories or rigorous workouts as I don’t believe these last. Girl Got Glow is about developing a lifestyle where women look and feel great forever. It’s as much about self-confidence and loving our bodies as it is about food and fitness.

2. Why did you decide to set up Girl Got Glow?

I’ve always been health aware with a passion for fitness, but after having my little girl, my motivation for staying healthy only grew stronger. I noticed there wasn’t much advice for healthy eating and fitness together, particularly for women who were just starting out. I wanted to share my passion for food and exercise in a really easy and flexible way. With Girl Got Glow, there is no dieting or gym memberships, just real food, quick workouts and lots of support.


3. Who is Girl Got Glow for?

It’s for women who want to become more active and healthy but don’t know where to start.

4. What are some of the main benefits that your customers see when they use your plans/recipes/PT sessions?

One of the main benefits they notice is a greater amount of energy. With more energy, they feel better in themselves, are less bloated and find their wellbeing increase. There is also a lot of peer support and confidence building within the group sessions I run. This year I’ve put together a Mud Run in October and running 5k for Christmas.

5. At Strive we are also passionate about health and wellbeing - What advice would you give for anyone looking to live a more active and healthy lifestyle?

One of the most important things is to be realistic. Start off basic and build yourself up. Always try new things as you may be surprised how much you enjoy it. Most of all, give yourself a break and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

6. Earlier you mentioned that you work from home and we see you’re wearing our Copenhagen slippers. Do you tend to wear them a lot when you work at home?

Yes, I find that I wear them quite a lot around the house. I’ve only ever worn shoes and slippers with a flat footbed so it’s great wearing the Copenhagen slippers while I’m working knowing that my feet are supported throughout the day.

7. How do you find them?

I find them really comfortable and so easy to just slip into. The faux-fur is really soft and they keep my feet nice and snug, which is great as we’re heading into the colder months. I like the health benefits of the contoured footbed, particularly as you wear them around the house. They are much more beneficial that wearing socks or being barefoot. I would highly recommend.


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