Stacey Solomon, TV Presenter

“I absolutely love them as they’re super comfy. I have some holidays booked so will definitely be taking them with me! ”


Nicky Hambleton-Jones 

“A foot injury meant I had to set my heels aside and reassess my choice of shoes; ankle and foot support became top priority. After just a couple of wears, Strive shoes helped to improve the pain. In fact, they are so comfy I go back to them even now my foot is better! They look good too - a summer wardrobe staple. ” 

Jenny Chamberlain

"OMG my Strive sandals have just arrived - they are fabulous - I love them. When you have foot problems that require special footwear you feel really alienated and de-feminised but these rectify all of that."

Beverley Ashdown SRCh, MChS, MPodA, DPodM, MRNI

“I have been practising for over 30 years and have chosen LBG’s almost exclusively to manufacture my custom made orthotics. The laboratory staff really do understand the principles of foot biomechanics and are available to provide help, suggestions or support when required. LBG’s pedigree in the healthcare market is exceptional . Like most practitioners , in the Autumn I generally have an influx of patients with reoccurrences of their symptoms which I have attributed to the difficulty of wearing their orthoses during the summer and instead wearing unsupportive flip flops. This year was different. I recommended the new Strive sandal and I am blown away by their effectiveness. LBG Medical technology encased within an elegant sandal design, I have them in my waiting room for patients to see and try on. Even those without biomechanical issues want them for their design and comfort. – A must have this summer!! ”

Mr Mike O'Neill MChS, F.C.Pod(surg), D.PodM

“It's no secret that unsupportive, poorly designed footwear is the root cause to a significant number of the patient complaints that walk through my clinic door. Strive Vitality sandals by LBG medical incorporate biomechanical features commonly seen in foot orthotics – This can help with reducing excessive pronation and help align the feet, improve lower limb function, whilst also helping to place the body in a more effective mechanical position... The result... A great looking sandal, which reduces some common aches and pains associated with long periods of standing and/or walking that can be caused by less structured summer footwear.”

Mrs Smith

"IN LOVE!!! I am an avid wearer of orthotics during the winter months, however during the summer months I am forced into wearing flat flip flops which leave me in agony. Having read about the Strive Strive sandals I decided to try a pair - they offer me the support I require and leave me pain free after a day on my feet!!"

 Chris, Oxford (UK)

"I’ve been using your orthotics for a couple of weeks and I am very impressed. My knees and hip feel better and my bike riding is getting stronger thanks to you."

Miss Wrench

"I have never really suffered from foot pain, however after hearing about the benefits of Strive sandals I decided to try a pair. WOW - The extra support is blissful and all of my other sandals now feel inadequate! Addictive in a good way!"

Jackie Wright, Stoke on Trent (UK)

"I purchased my Strive sandal’s recently and just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love them.  I have very high arches and was beginning to have arch pain so decided it was finally time to listen to my doctors and wear arch supported sandals.  I have the diamante in white.

Amanda, Ireland

"I've been transformed! My flat feet have been very happy with the sandals I bought from you. I'd prefer a new set of feet, but you help me live with the ones I have."